04 August 2009

The Hardstyle Nation!

Ok, so there's this genre called Hardstyle, which is basically really really hard Trance. We don't ever really post any type of Trance on this blog, so this is a rare chance to get your Trance fix. Enjoy these awesome tracks from 2003, regardless if you're laughing at em or moshing.


Hardstyle Nation (Blutonium Boy Hardstyle Mix) - Blutonium Boy vs DJ Neo

The more Hardcore track of the two, and the more famous one. You might recognize this from somewhere, I certainly did. It was probably in some action movie.

Hardstyle Nation (DJ Neo Progressive Mix) - Blutonium Boy vs DJ Neo

My personal favorite of the two. The super awesome trance lead WILL get stuck in your head. Man this track rules.

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