14 July 2009

French House Arrest Episode VI: Ice Cube?

No, not Ice Cube, but rather I:Cube, the awesome Frenchman whose work contributed to the evolution of the French sound. Also featured is a random track which I can't recall where I got it from but it was released in '97 and is awesome so I'm including it. Also, a little insight into what was happening in House music outside of France.

Also want to give a big shout out to our one reader from Budapest, Hungary. Major props.


This album is a lot more like the 'Motorbass' sound with big inspiration from the disco sounds coming from everyone around him. Also, Daft Punk remixed on of the tracks on it, and it's definitely one of their best (Grab it HERE).

Faithfull - Fantom

Awesome track, great example of the genre. EP includes an Etienne De Crecy remix, although the original mix definitely wins.

Famous track from the UK in 1997, one of those that everyone recognizes when it gets to "that part." Ishkur calls it Anthem House, makes sense. Shit's epic as hell, but corny as shit. Doesn't matter though, its pretty awesome.

For those interested in a blog that posts rare albums, I highly recommend Boards of Electronica. Great source for all sorts of music. The best way to use this blog is to check the labels and find what you like.

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