30 May 2009

Ortega and Gold

So this is the second time in a row that I've fallen asleep early and suddenly woken up at a very early time (8 am yesterday morning and 6 30 am this morning), I don't know what the fuck is going on with me, but at least I don't feel super tired, and I have the whole day ahead of me now, unlike before when I would wake up and it would already be dark.

I know I said I would do a post on Albin Myers, but I decided to do this first to add a few more bangin electro house tracks after talking to my friend Tony yesterday, the Oberlin electronic prince (I'm the King, sorry Tony). I could have sworn we did a post on Thomas Gold, but I guess that never happened... Expect one about that hero sometime in the future, especially as I have so much stuff by him. Instead I'm going to post some stuff involving both Thomas and another great producer Chriss Ortega. It's basically one remix that they've done which promoted me to do so. These guys have an extremely recognizable sound, which will be apparent in their production. Really great stuff. There's obviously a bunch of their stuff I don't have, but I don't want to overload it, I'll probably go looking for more of their stuff some other time.


My Favorite remix by far, and a song which really defines their sound for me:

In Heaven (Ortega and Gold remix) by Alan Pride, What an amazing song, such a catchy line, and just in general the sound they use is really good. The Buildup's great (especially with that guitar), and though the voice is cheesy and in some way kind of annoying, I can't get it out of my head. I discovered this song quite a while back, but it's made a comeback and it's one of the things I have been listening to on repeat. Definitely playing this at the next party I play.

Bol (Ortega and Gold Remix) by Valeria (might be Valeryia, that's according to my Russian teacher), M guess what, they remixed the same Russian pop singer that we did for my Russian class (at least I'm pretty sure, sounds like her voice). Ian Carey did a remix of the same song too, but I like this one better, you can get that here. Same sound as the other remix, and of course it has a catchy line, but breakdown is really well done and the Russian Lyrics are pretty cool actually.

The Energy (Ortega and Gold Remix) by Wawa and Guy Williams, Pure electro house at it's danciest best. Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb.

Summer of Love (Ortgea and Gold remix) by sunloverz, I mean its the same sound again... But that's fine. It's a good sound, and their buildups are so good that it doesn't matter.

Breathless (Ortega and Gold Remix) by ClearCut, Finally a change from the sound. What a heavy bass, enough said.

Turn on the Music (Ortega and Gold remix) by Roger Sanchez feat. GTO, sounds very different from the rest of their stuff, could this really be them. More of a old French house type song, with that disco bass line. Guitar in their buildup again, I really like that though.

Hypnotized (Thomas Gold Punk Remix) by Chriss Ortega, I saw somewhere that this was actually by both of them... So it very well might be. It's too early for me to go look.

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  1. That vocal sample in The Energy annoys me. But that electro bassline is so good.