13 April 2009

Ian Carey

Ian Carey is a house DJ/producer from the US that has some impressive tracks. This is the first installment of posts that will focus on artists that I discovered from Swehouse, since I know most of you probably did not dig through about a years worth of posts like I did. I'm starting with Ian Carey because, so far, his remix of Set It Off is definitely my favorite track that I've gotten recently. I present Ian Carey:

Set It Off (Ian Carey Remix) - Dennis Christopher
Absolutely incredible. Massive organ driven house anthem, and in my opinion hits harder than any of the Laidback Luke organ jams. Can't wait for an opportunity to drop this live. His best track by far.

Lose Control (Ian Carey Original Mix) - Ian Carey Presents The Good Guys
Very solid electro house track.

Let It Go (Ian Carey Remix) - Steve Smooth And JJ Flores Feat B Lee

This track reminds me of Deadmau5, which is definitely a good thing.
No Pressure (Deadmau5 Remix) - One Plus One
(Bonus Trivia, One Plus One is a collaboration that includes one of my personal favorites, James Zabiela).

Bol (Ian Carey Remix) - Valeria

I could imagine Swedish House Mafia dropping this in a set very easily.

Miss Broadway (Ian Carey Remix) - Belle Epoque

Very space disco-y. And I'm sure you all know how much I love my space disco.

Brothers & Sisters (Ian Carey Remix) - Michi Lange
A little more on the Tech House side, could see Sébastien Léger playing this live.

My MTV (Ian Carey Remix) - Noir
Good track, but skipable by all means. It's got a nice disco feel and lyrics that definitely grab you in a very strange way, but not as good as Miss Broadway.

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