18 May 2009

Ian Carey Part 2

In case you missed our last post about Ian Carey, you should go check it out. Basically says what you need to know about the guy. Really makes some impressive stuff, I'm just here to share some more of his stuff with you that I've found recently when I should have been working on my finals. M should be adding to this post so expect more tracks to be added at some point today.


In no particular order, they're all good damnit:

Do It (Ian Carey Mix) Prom feat. Katherine Ellis YEAH. Love this song. The buildup is fucking awesome and the drop, very typical in some ways, but it still gets me.

Something Good (Ian Carey remix) by Utah Saints Similar if not the same sound to the do it remix above, so WORTH GETTING. Ravey line played with that sound, cool Piano buildup... What does this song not have...

Bucci Bag (Ian Carey Remix) by Vandalism (REMOVED) The vocals to this track are kind of annoying. But the drop is cool, I mean it stay calm but in a really cool way. Still this wouldn't be my choice if I was going to play an Ian Carey track.

Redlight (Original Mix) by Ian Carey Very typical house song with a sort of more electro sound.

Say What You Want (Ian Carey Dub Mix) by Ian Carey & Mochico feat. Miss Bunty My least favorite of the bunch, kinda boring.

Get Shaky (Ian Carey Vocal Mix) by The Ian Carey Project At first the vocals kind of annoyed me, but not really anymore. This song feels more cool and collected. Like it's in complete control. It's turned into one of my favorite of this batch.

Break Free (Ian Carey Remix) by Lindos & Moth Ft Inaya Day Sounds pretty different from the rest of his stuff. A house song with a moving bass line, but still not at old French House level, the house element can still be seen very clearly (like with the drum). Very Cool.

M here, actually only have one track to add. This one's something that Axwell would drop for sure, or any of those Swedes in that little Cosa Nostra thing they got going on really.

Can't You Feel It (Ian Carey Remix) - Elize

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