08 May 2009

Haven't posted in a while, GREAT REMIX

So, that other asshole who also goes by Bastille (what a dick) has done a bunch of posts, and bitched me out about not posting a lot. My only excuse is work, and because of troubles with the cops.

That is not Dave Darell up there, but Djs most wanted magazine obviously had an issue with him in it. I don't really like the magazine name, so I put that picture up, it makes sense if you think about it.

So I think the myspace page says it clearly enough, "
... is born in a nice small City in Germany into an extremely musical and crazy family - 1996 he makes his first attempts of walking in his own home-recording studio. By the time, he succeeds more and more and between the years of 2001-2007 he places several dance projects on the market. During this period his own unique electro-style becomes bit by bit apparent. With his single Children he calls the attention of the German dance label Zooland Records in 2008." I at first thought that they meant that he was born in 1996. If I found a 13 year old who listened to house music, I would be surprised, of course they must exist but it's gotta be rare.

Another electro house guy. You really have to go song by song to describe this guy, but he is very similar to Spencer & Hill that's for sure.

My favorite song of his: Suddenly (Dave Darell remix) by BT Definitely a bomb. I mean the voice is a little cheesy, but it drops so hard, and it's so happy in a way, it just makes me happy.

Children (Club Mix) by Dave Darell, his newest song. This reminds me so much of another song, like to a remarkable amount but I can't put my finger on it. Good song still.

children (original mix) by Dave Darell, wow so different, much more like Deadmau5

Silver Surfer (original mix) by Dave Darell, I definitely like it, the beginning was the coolest part how you think he's going to go into this very epic buildup then quickly cuts into the actual beat. Cool rising line. I really want to know if there is a club mix.

It's all good, take it:

Freeloader (original mix) by Dave Darell, again want to know if there's a club mix.

Turn the Tide (Dave Darell remix) by Manian

Supadisco (original mix) by Dave Darell, interesting almost dub steppy.

Dreaming (Dave Darell remix) by Stereo Palma

For an Angel 09 (Dave Darell remix) by Paul Van Dyk

Take Me Away (Dave Darell remix) by 4 strings

Take Me Away (Dave Darell Dub) by 4 Strings

Off The wall (enjoy yourself) (Dave Darell remix) by One Plus One


  1. Children (Club Mix) is almost like Klaas' remix of Infinity crossed with the chord changes from Alive 2007 in that one part when they're using the sample from Too Long.

  2. And for Turn The Tide (Dave Darell Remix)
    Pjanoo much? Would be a good/easy transition probably.

  3. yea that klaas remix is what i was thinking of. And I completely forgot while making the most to talk about how turn the tide just sounds like pjanoo.