09 May 2009

Dilla's Successor?

Waajeed is a hip hop producer and DJ from Detroit who has worked closely with the infamous J Dilla, aka your favorite producer's favorite producer, RIP. Apparently, Waajeed received his first MPC when Dilla gave him one that Questlove had broken, saying that it was his if he could fix it. Waajeed makes awesome Dilla-esque beats with those characteristic off-tempo drums and trippy sounds. In this zip is both the album divided into tracks as well as one mp3 mixed by the man himself. I suggest the first tim you listen through to listen to the mixed version. The album even has some previously unreleased Dilla tracks.

Waajeed Presents: The War L.P. (via Zshare)

P.S. Heard about him through a buddy of mine here named Ben Fitzelle that does a radio show with another friend of mine. The show is called Word...Life, and you can listen to the podcast HERE. Highly Recommended if you're into hip hop, they know much more cool shit than I ever will.

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  1. Shit, I just realized that Waajeed has a track in that Blue Jemz thing you posted, Jumpman.