26 April 2009

Siriusmo: Some Old, Some New

Well you may have heard about this already, but i feel our blog needs to spread the news as well,

 Modeselektor have started a new label called Monkeytown Records, and it has been announced that a new Siriusmo EP will be it's first release, and ive also heard theyll be releasing his first Full Length later this year (be very excited). Siriusmo has long been one of my favorite artists, and this new EP will obviously not dissapoint. For proof of this, check out this new tune from the EP entitled 'High Together' its one of my favorite productions by him, probably ever, next to his Housemeister remix that is. Also go check out "the unvited guest medley" on monkeytown rec's myspace, to get a taste of the whole EP, Siriusmo's definately one of the names that'll save electro for 09.

Siriusmo's real identity is Moritz Friedrich, a berlin-based builder, synth-enthusiast, and grafitti artist (yeah he made all of those weird wolf drawings on his earlier covers) Moritz apparantly hates clubs/criticism/playing live, and as such he hardly puts on shows, except maybe at family events or other forced private occasions. (Man i wish he would play live though, his music is so genius.) Well, we know siriusmo for the funky electro-house hes been delivering the past few years, and we know of his work with Dana, hell im sure it'll all be posted here eventually if you don't, but here is the earliest EP of his i was able to find, Sirius - EP, it's pretty different from his later stuff, more housey, but like classic house, definately can hear his distinct style in it though, interesting to see his start>

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  1. You're right about that EP, it's very old style house. I mean, not like Chicago house, but like i:cube or something. Deep House? Jazzy House? Funky House? Something like that.