19 April 2009


Nadastrom is an electro/house/rave duo from D.C. that makes some heavy tracks. I've been very impressed with their productions and could see them putting on a great show with heavy banger after banger. They also do very well in Beatport sales, which is cool since I feel like the Beatport crowd seems to favor house producers, but then what do I know about buying things from Beatport. Here are my favorite tracks of theirs that I have:

A Mili (Nadastrom Remix) - Lil Wayne
My favorite of theirs. It has a fantastic distorted ravey bass with an incredible buildup/drop. It also has Lil Wayne, which is an automatic crowd pleaser, but they actually do a significant amount of work on his voice to the point that its almost unrecognizable.

Back Up In This (Nadastrom Remix) - Designer Drugs

The most recent tune they've released, this would actually fit into a house set better. They show off their production skills with fantastic sounding drums, cool vocals effects, and interesting drops.

Raver Lovin (Nadastrom Remix) - Edu K

Starts off sounding like a great house track with typical house chords, then drops into a crazy electro beat.

American Boy feat. Kanye West (Nadastrom Remix) - Estelle

Not as good as Danger's remix (link), but definitely better than LAZRTag's (link). However, its the danciest mix of this that I have. And if you happen to be a big fan of this song, you should check out Procrastination's remix of it in our older post on him. If you still want more Estelle, check out this bmore style remix by DJ Benzi (link), who someone booked at Wesleyan.

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