10 March 2009

Procrastination Boy

Procrastination, aka Tobias Butler, is a friend of Andrew Zingg from the Bay area that is making fun remixes with a surprising amount of musicality as well as a more inspired form of the a cappella mashup.  He'll be coming to Wesleyan next year, hopefully he'll be down with my plan to bombard the school with DJ shows, show these liberal, hipster pussies what electro is all about.  He does everything in Logic, including his mashups.  Here's his brand new remix of American Boy (Danger Remix is SO much better than the LAZRtag one).
American Boy (ft. Kanye West)(Procrastination Remix) - Estelle (Right Click, Save)
And here's some more of his stuff, one original remix and one mashup (the boy is as obsessed with Kanye West as Tony is with Sebastian it seems).
Love Lockdown (Procrastination Remix) - Kanye West (Mediafire) - The first time I heard this, I thought he was a trance producer when the bass drum dropped, but as the song went on I stopped trying to pinpoint the genre.

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  1. Boy Check out this one! http://files.getdropbox.com/u/40400/Retroreflector.mp3