14 April 2009

Ghetto Sci-Fi

Ras G is a Los Angeles Based, Experimental-Old School-Dub-influenced producer, whos been amazingly prolific in the last few years, with like four or five LPs out. He is part of Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder label, and therefore makes awesome trippy as hell music. It's like an astronaut space-walking and lighting up at the same time, which in case you don't understand, is hella cool.

So Without Much More Ado...

Personal Highlights: 
Staring Riddim <>
Jackie <>
One 4 Glk (gaslamp killer) ad Elvin <>


  1. You said hella. Bad Jack. And remember to link to people's myspaces if you mention them.

  2. hahahaha yeaaaaa gettin' hifey!