14 April 2009

Bullion - Pet Sounds In The Key of Dee

Bullion is one of the more original up and coming experimental hip-hop producer who draws on a broad background in some more classic music for his samples, like in this instance the beachboys, Its a mash-up/tribute to J Dilla where he makes sick dilla-esque beats out of songs off the Beach Boys 1966 album pet sounds, and i assure you it is as Busy P would apparently say "Insanely Good!" (actual quote!)
Haven't Stopped Listening to this one for weeks, look out for the song "I Just Wasn't Made for This Time" on it, it is one of my favorite songs right now

And here's is how i found out about him the equally awesome but more ambient-jazzy remix he did of Ahu (yay), FlyLo dropped this one in his Essential Mix>> I Know All The Bitches - Mr. Beatnick feat. Ahu (Bullion Remix) (love this one)

After your done listening and your still interested, go check out/buy his latest release Young Heartache - EP released on One-Handed Music, support art!


  1. That remix is incredible, still downloading the album.

  2. This album is AWESOME. Really demonstrates how production is an art.