29 April 2009

The Comeback Of The Hero

No, not Wolfgang Gartner, but rather Dabruck & Klein, those Germans that have also stolen my heart in the past week or so. Here are some more tracks of theirs to add to your collection. If you missed the first post about them, you can check that HERE.

The Comeback Of The Hero - Dabruck & Klein


Silence (Dabruck & Klein Remix) - Hi_Tack
Not quite sure this song is by Hi_Tack, since I'm pretty sure it's a remix of Delerium. Perhaps a remix of a remix? Who cares, this track is gold.

I Love Rock & Roll (Dabruck & Klein Remix) - Alex Guadino & Jason Rooney
Great remix of a classic. Really show off their skill with this one.

I Believe 2008 (Dabruck & Klein Remix) - Celvine Rotane
Happy electro house.

Streetgirls (Dabruck & Klein Mix) - Tocadisco

Exceed (Dabruck & Klein Mix) - Alex Romano feat BT

Bring The Noise (Dabruck & Klein Mix) - Public Enemy

By all means a great remix, but it will always be shadowed by Benassi's simply because his is probably one of the greatest electro house tracks ever made. If you have not heard it, click HERE to grab his latest album, Rock N Rave, via Audible Musings.

Say Say Say (Waiting 4 U) (Original Mix) - Hi_Tack
Can anyone catch the sample? This is Hi_Tack's most famous track.

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