23 March 2009

Duke Dumont

Duke Dumont is a producer from London (once again, props to London for being awesome right now) on Turbo Records.  However, he is not bound by genre, which is immediately clear if you have listened to any two of his songs.  But this newest song I got took me by complete surprise, as it sounds like something our local hero Flying Lotus (he's SO much cooler / more innovative / worthwhile than Dim Mak it kills me) would have made.  It's got fantastically chopped vocals, highly recommended.

According the Dim Mak's Wikipedia article, Shinichi Osawa is on their roster.  God I hope he only released a remix or something, please don't let Aoki get to him.

P.S.  They took down the Blende post, if you for some reason didn't already grab the tracks, let me know and I'll send the links to you.

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