02 January 2012

Faye Valentine

I have two brand new producer crushes and have already asked one of them to remix a track from out next EP.  I wonder if anyone still reads this bad boy, but here are some gems from the underground of Disco House.


You Can - No Good Crook (GOLDEN BANANA)

You Can by No Good Crook

This guy is completely unknown to the internet world and deserves so much more exposure.  He's from the Bay Area, so promoters GET AT HIM.  God I fucking love this track.

Brilliant Smile - Tiam Wills (GOLDEN BANANA)

Tiam Wills - Brilliant Smile by Tiam Wills

This guy is French, so you know he's the real deal.

La Boucle - Tiam Wills (Silver Banana)

Tiam Wills - La Boucle by Tiam Wills

Dance In My Way - No Good Crook (Silver Banana)

Dance in My Way by No Good Crook


No Good Crook

Tiam Wills

1 comment:

  1. I cannot contain my excitement,
    love to see 3 new posts!
    Idc if theres no downloads or anything i am just happy to see you blog exposing people again!