02 July 2011

Ted Bundy

Something just aint right about those eyes.


Walking Away (Mode CK Remix) - Chris Kaeser, Jonathan Mendelsohn (Golden Banana)
One of the top Progressive House tracks right now, doing extremely well on Beatport.  Driving and energetic, definitely more on the Housey side.  Pretty sure Mode CK = Chris Kaeser.

Feelin' (Crazibiza Remix) - Muzzaik (Silver Banana)
Crazibiza is just killing it.  House music!

Lady (Original Mix 2011) - Yohanne Simon Twill
Just gonna say, this is the furthest thing from an original mix there is.  But it is a very nicely revamped version of one of the greatest House tracks of all time to fit today's production standards.

Back In The Bongo (BEAT Salad DJ Tool) - Mc $pyda vs. Deekline & Solo ft. Manu Chao
Yes, you read it correctly.  God this must just kill when played live.

Bro Code - Highbloo
Techno techno techno techno techno

Sexy Party (Terravita Remix) - Tremourz, J.Rabbit
Oh my god, it's a Sexy Party!  Starts Dubstep, turns into Drumstep.

Sandungueo - Munchi

Get Sucked (Original Mix) - Umek

Cut Throat (Original Mix) - Figure
Some DnB / Drumstep for ya'll

Freaks & Geeks - Childish Gambino
Wait, Rap music?  Cheers to gLAdiator for the rec on this one.  Adele sample, surprisingly, and much better than Adele.


  1. Your new theme reminds me of an old mixtape that I made. I brought together a bunch of songs about serial killers and murderers and called it 'Killer Tunes'. It was a great mix, I'll have to track it down someday.

  2. yessssssssssssssssss sexy party!