06 July 2011

Keep On Bumpin

One of the songs on this son-bitch has been over 2 years in the making.  After hours of toil, we are extremely proud to release our newest EP.  We are fed up with the lack of class among the world, so we shall fill this heinous gap one Disco House track at a time.  Hope you have as much fun dancing to it as we had making the album art.  God bless Piracy.

<3 Bastille

Bumpin by Bastille

Wide Open by Bastille

Pump Up The Volume by Bastille

Bumpin EP - Bastille (ZIPPED)

Furthermore, I really gotta give a huge shout to my boys gLAdiator who were just named one of the top Moombahton artists right now HERE.


  1. This is by far my favourite EP of this year. I mean, DAMN, instant good mood, no matter where I am. AND people love it, too (like, normal, non-dj people). Great work!!!

  2. happy to see you here http://deathelectro.com/bastille/

    keep making those awesome tracks!

  3. these tracks are wonderful. never knew you guys were so good production-wise. keep up the good work. gonna drop "bumpin" in my next set if ya don't mind!