12 June 2011

Feed Me Some Moombahton

So since when did Feed Me blow up?  I remember posting about this homie way back when I was calling out Gartner as the second coming years ago.  Anyways, looks like he's come along way, as was evident when I saw him on Friday.  #Reviewtime


For starters, doors opened at the Music Box at 11:30.  Besides the odd lateness of entry, I was immediately surprised by the nameless opening DJ.  He spun some super heavy Dubstep will noteworthy skill and even mixed in some Moombahton/Moombahcore/Moombahcunt to all of our delight.  One half of gLAdiator got immediately sprung, and I was forced to wipe his tears.  By 12:40, the opener was done and they opened the curtain.

Behind the curtains was a stage packed full of super hip looking people, half of them with cameras around their necks, a bunch of crazy lights'n'shit, and the most giant tool of an MC I've ever had to endure.  Besides all of that, I was also crushin mad hard on the cute girl in the right of the above picture.  They dropped moar heavy ass Dubstep for the next hour or so with a steez that could only be described as poker face.  Definitely enjoyable, especially if you're a dub head, but eventually the abrasive wall of sound grew boring and tracks indistinguishable.  I was ready for Feed Me well before they were done.  Some track highlights were made by everyone's favorite couple:

Cracks (Flux Pavillion Remix) - Freestylers feat. Belle Humble (Golden Banana)
The whole crowd sung along, naturally.  There's probably some hilarious pictures of us doing just that in the front row.

Watch Out - Doctor P
Derpstep, slightly more swagger than other tracks of the night.

God I love Feed Me, and this show increased my love for the Mau5trap man tenfold.  Seriously impressive mixing, and goddam I was ready to hear some 128.  They also signaled his entrance by bringing 3 raver chick stage dancers to the front, courtesy of the promoters LA Beatdown, I suppose.  Cheap trick for a good party, but enjoyed nonetheless.  He looked like he was having so much fun the entire time as he danced almost non stop with a smile, something I always enjoy seeing.  The crowd went nuts 100% of his set.  One highlight was when he dropped this Tech House track and then mixed perfectly in key to his brilliant track The Spell (cop it HERE).  However, when the whole crowd was jumping, one of the idiot hipster ass photographers (with a tumblr you've probably never heard of but has a book deal anyways, you can get it at Urban Outfitters) unplugs the mixer and cuts the music.  Feed Me screams at him, and we don't see him for the rest of the night.  When the music finally gets going again, he brings back the energy almost immediately with his track Grand Theft Ecstasy (cop it HERE).  He of course brings it into Dubstep, back to House, drops some Drumstep and DnB, and even drops some Moombahton.  We were all blown away, and it certainly killed the crowd.  Highlights:

Innocence (Feed Me Remix) - Nero (Golden Banana)
My god I didn't know about this track until he dropped it.  My reaction to this was like gLAdiator's to hearing that 108 bpm.

Reptile's Theme - Skrillex (Silver Banana)
Everyone from Feed Me to Dillon Francis is dropping this track in their Moombahton sets.  Debatable as to weather or not it's actually Moombahton (I'd vote not) but definitely a monster slow jam, great way to get your crowd into a Moombah set.

Apologies to Figure.  I really wanted to see your set, but since you went on at 3:30 we were well ready to bounce.  If anyone reading this DID stay, I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  1. i hope you have found feed me's new EP "To the stars"

  2. good to hear it was an awesome set! I'm seeing him an a bout a week and a half!