26 February 2011

Steven Gerrard




Ocean Drive (Open Your Mind) feat. Monia Amore (Vocal Mix) - David Penn (GOLDEN BANANA)
Super deep bass, sexy groove.  Such a killer House track.

Yalta Groove (Original Club Mix) - Mark Knight (Golden Banana)
Badass and sexy at the same time, just like Death Race 2.  Tech House.

Little By Little (Michael Cassette Remix) - Canyon Boulevard (Silver Banana)
Sweeping Progressive House, very much like Pryda.

Point (Original Mix) - NiCe7 (Silver Banana)
Goovey ass House track that's been riding the Beatport Top 10 chart for a long as time.  This track oozes classes out of every orifice.

Drowning (Avicii Remix) - Armin Van Buuren Feat Laura V
Big Room Progressive House, meant for stadiums.  *NOTE I misspelled Avicii (I'm really sorry) in the track so you should add one more i, especially if you do what I do and re-post the shit out of it.

Go (Original Mix) - DJ Antention
For the moshers, the heaviest of Electro.

Sabina (Four Four Bass Remix - Nadastrom Moombahton Edit) - Puga
Boooom bah dum bah, boooom bah dum bah.  Moombahton (duh).

R.E.S.P.E.C.T (Club Edit) - RLP & Barbara Tucker
This track has a funny surprise in it.  House.

I Need You (Original Mix) - Filthy Rich
Super subby bass on this driving Tech House track.

My Feelings (Original Mix) - Mac Zimms
Catchy Disco-ish sample.  Fun House music.

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