23 February 2011

Shizzo + Incredible Mashups

New Boys Noize EP!  Also wik Housemeister!  Not that I really care about the latter, but let's do this piracy thing!


Shizzo EP - Boys Noize & Housemeister


These are some of the BEST mashups I've ever heard, ever.  I'd call them bootlegs, but we're not here to argue of semantics, we're here to either rock out to dance music alone or bring these tracks to our awesome crowds.

Genesis Shot 1.5 (Thomas Radman Mash Up) - Justice vs Wolfgang Gartner (GOLDEN BANANA)
Oh my god, it's amazing.  Fantastic set opener, only use if you plan on making a serious impression from the get go.

Aerodynamic GTE (Thomas Radman Mash Up) - Daft Punk vs Feed Me (Golden Banana)
The way he chops in Aerodyanmic in the begining made me... well, you know.

Pong Around The World (Thomas Radman Mash Up) - Daft Punk vs. Wippenberg
While not as technically impressive as the above mashups (this it's lack of Banana status), still awesome.  It's also the only Prog one.

Definitely go check out Thomas Radman on his SOUNDCLOUD and fill up his tracks with comments so that everyone will be annoyed but he'll also look super legit.

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  1. Thanks for the post (a couple of years back now) lol

    I appreciate the plug!