07 February 2011

Samuel Eto'o



Techno or Trance?  Probably Trance.  Regardless, bomb track, they never disappoint.

Excellent House track, super funky/groovy.  Really everything you want in a House track.  The horn sample kills.
Electro Techno FTW.  Definitely the hottest shit right now, and this guy is killing it.  If you want my favorite track of his, click HERE.

Prog House remix of the track EVERY EDM nerd is talking about.  No Dubstep in this though, just the acapella.

There is lots of Dubstep in this one however.  Big tune, I'd most certainly drop this one.

BIG Prog House, extremely Housey.

Feel like your lacking that old school drum machine vibe in your Techno?  CRY NO MORE.  The hi hat patterns remind me of old school Bangalter.

Progressive House with a swung feel and super Techy parts.  I could see Tiesto dropping this.

Speaker blowing crazy evil Dubstep.

When Industrial Heavy Metal meets Electro, you get this track.  For the headbangers and moshers.

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