06 February 2011

Raul Meireles

The golden kicks make me look fly, no?


Start The Party (Original Mix) - Far Too Loud (Golden Banana)
Like Lazy Rich, Porter Robinson, etc?  This track is for you.  Awesome chopped up Electro House.

Optinuum (Original Mix) - Moguai (Golden Banana)
Sounds like something off of Vitalic's OK Cowboy, but Progressive House.  In otherwords, incredibly beautiful while still hard/danceable.

White Noise / Red Meat (Original Mix) - Dada Life (Silver Banana)
Another banger with their signature sound.  Moar cowbell?

Tonight (Herve Voodoo Chilli Remix) - Moonbootica
Awesome remix, though he had a great original to work off of.  But this one is way more DJ friendly, and has Electro parts.

Tonight (Original Mix) - Moonbootica
The original, fantastic samples.  House rules.

Beat Down (Original Mix) - Tai
Electro Techno.  Play something none of the DJs here are playing yet.  Anti-pop music.

Paranoize (Adam Beyer & Jesper Dahlback Remix) - Alan Fitzpatrick (Silver Banana)
And some straight up Minimal Techno, for those in the know.

Talkbox (Camo & Krooked Remix) - Fresh
DnB by one of my favorite production duos.  Always top notch stuff.

Flatland (Original Mix) - Sound of Stereo
More Electro Techno,  the hook on this makes it bouncey.  It's got the riddim drums too, if you're into those.

Feel Good (Original Mix) - Aniki
Is this called Bassline?  Sounds like it's going to be Disco/Fidget House, but I think you're supposed to call this Bassline.

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