20 February 2011

James Milner



Full Stop - Cirez D (GOLDEN BANANA)
I love how Prydz created Cirez D as a joke, but he's since used it to put out some of his best tracks.  Techno on the Progressive side.

Black Ops (Daniel Portman Remix) - Weekend Heroes (Silver Banana)
Portman ALWAYS kills it.  And I love the title of this track, reminds me that a lot of these producers are on the same page as us.  This is extremely epic and driving Progressive House.

Ride (Original Mix) - Frater & Stent
Super catchy sample House.  Sounds like an 80s sample, great horns.

Drop Acid (Figure Remix) - Bart B More and Tommie Sunshine
Jack Beats, is that you?  Can't wait for the original of this to come out as well.

Simple State of Mind (Original Mix) - Charles I (Golden Banana)
Disco House, my ultimate soft spot.

Time To Change (Part 2) - Highbloo
Disco Techno?  Great sample chopping on top of a single note bass with a rising pitch.

My Bad (Club Mix) - The Partysquad Ft. Roxy Cottontail
Electro Dutch House, totally dropping this next set.

La Samba (Original Mix) - DJ Chus & Mikel Curcio
The tempo drops out in the middle to allow for a tribal breakdown of percussion call and response.  Where all my West Af dancers at?  This would totally KILL at a rave.

King Of The Night (Koen Groeneveld Remix) - Flippers vs. DJ Slater Ft. U-Prag
Techno rules

Big Perm (Harvard Bass's Permed Out Remix) - Worthy
And some Tech House to finish up.  I've always had respect for Harvard Bass managing to win over the Electro blog world with his Techy stuff.

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