09 January 2011

BMore and a new contributor

Ah Baltimore, the home of so many awesome things: club music, drugs, violence, this guy right here. Know his name? I'm sure you do. Gimme dat name and get a whopping +5 Bastille Love and Admiration Points (it's my first post so I'll keep it small).

Baltimore Club Music, or BMore, is a style of club music based HEAVILY in sampling and formulaic drum patterns. The beat relies on a booming kick that's somewhere between four on the floor and Dutch house style. The kick is assisted by a big reverb'd (spelling?) clap and some classic BMore samples, known as the "chirp" and the "woo!...ey!", I'm not even making that up. The genre is dominated by a few heavy hitters but is flooded by hundreds of different djs remaking the same song with those Lil Jon "WHAT?!" and "OKAY!!!" samples. Here's a small sampling to whet your taste buds, expect a little artist spotlight soon. These are all a banana of some kind.

You may not know this song by name, but you will know it by the sample. Better lube up those ear pussies, this post is just getting started.

A Classic BMore track that has all the aforementioned components. This song is particularly popular IN Baltimore for the "Hands Up, Thumbs Down" sample famous to classic BMore.

I don't particularly like "Fuck You" as a track but the addition of the BMore beat and some key claps make this song an INSTANT college panty dropper. All dem college bitches love dis shit. Yeeeeee, muffins.

I...ahem...also make a little BMore with my dj partner/hetero life mate Ian. We call ourselves gLAdiator, more on that later.

Another friend of the blog, Dirty Dumbo, puts a little BMore flair on a classic 90's hip hop track. Again, college panty dropper. Any time you can get the crowd to say anything it's a winner.

Okay, so you got through my first post. Not terrible, right? Sick. So my name is Danl and I'm part of the dj duo gLAdiator who you may have seen featured on this very site! The Bastille boys (Jumpman as well) have been nice enough to invite me to post on the blog. I'm a big Dub head with an interest in groovin' beats, things that stray away from the standard 4/4 (eg BMore). Look for more posts in the near future!


  1. Congrats, Ry-guy, you get 5 whole points.

  2. You know High Powered Boys = Surkin + Bobmo?

  3. institubes love bmore they came out with a compilation a couple years ago as a matter of fact. reading this made me think, dutch house is really more distinguished by its sounds the drum pattern dutch house uses is a clave or riddim, used by tribal/dancehall flavored house internationally,

  4. fair, i could have just said tribal instead of "dutch." in my defense I was just trying to distinguish a clear difference between 4/4 and the dutch drums to exemplify the bmore sound.

  5. oh no i wasn't admonishing the use of dutch quite the contrary, you said irregular 4/4 anyways

  6. thanks for the love mah dudes... and for the record i still wear my pants backwards

  7. beeeooooow beeeooooow genre police

  8. oh danl, props for the hands up, thumbs down. RIP KSWIFT.