02 December 2010

Obscure Video Game Character #16

Yer a big feller, aintcha?  You gotta name?  Somebody out there might know it, right?  Whoever does earns a +1,000 Bastille Love and Admiration Points.  To quote some friends, OLESDOIT.


Cantina (Spencer & Hill Mix) - Spencer & Hill & Bastian Van Shield (GOLDEN BANANA)
Crazy Electro House with a Star Wars sample?  I don't think I can imagine many things better.

Fifty What (Dem Slackers Remix) - Sandro Silva and Anjiro Rijo (Silver Banana)
Does that awesome Rave/Babylon drop where the bass doesn't come in until the 2nd kick.  Extremely low synth, you sort of need massive speakers to truly enjoy this.

Only Girl (In The World) vs Bungee (Hardwell & DJ Funkadelic Mash-Up) - Rihanna vs Afrojack & Bobby Burns
For those that love their Tech/Dutch blended with pop.  Fantastic bootleg.

Cantina (Bastian Van Shield Mix) - Spencer & Hill & Bastian Van Shield
The Tech mix.

Cantina (Yolanda Be Cool & Dcup Remix) - Spencer & Hill & Bastian Van Shield
And the House mix.  Same sorta feel as Americano.

Painted Faces (Avicii Remix) - Paul Thomas, Sonny Wharton
Prog from one of the best.

Coloris (S-T3RRA Remix) - She
Fun melodic Electro, AZN hardcore.  I actually posted She's album with the original of this way back when this blog was only meant for the writers.  You can grab it HERE.

Spark (Canblaster Remix)  - J-Wow
I don't really know what to call this, or how to describe it.  All I know is that Canblaster is killing it.

Bed Of Needles (AKS Syndaesia Remix) - Steed Lord
Because someone wants Dubstep.

Wake Up Call - Steve Aoki & Sidney Samson
And someone else is always looking for more Dutch House.


  1. In all honesty, I am that someone every time.

  2. Looks like that game Serious Sam, haven't played it in years though.