02 November 2010

Obscure Video Game Character #7

I'm going to assume that nobody is going to get #6, so the answer was Detective Carla Valenti from the game Indigo Prophecy.  It was a great idea for a game, but poorly executed.  Anyways, bad ass #7 is right up thur, and I'm offering +500 Bastille Love and Admiration Points for the first to the punch.


I Look To You (ft Kimbra) - Miami Horror (GOLDEN BANANA)
This is exactly what we need to bring back French House.  Its just like the best disco, pop, whatever that you've ever heard.  The bassline is killer.

Baby I'm Yours feat. IRFANE - Breakbot (Golden Banana)
Yup, another one.  I figured I had to include the other great jam of recent.  Which of these is better?

Baby I'm Yours (Aeroplane Remix) - Breakbot
Good remix.

Smack My Bitch Up (Sub Focus Remix) - The Prodigy (Silver Banana)
And now for something completely different.  DnB ftw.

Prince (Bassnectar Remix) - Deftones
Or maybe Dubstep ftw?

U Don't Like Me (South Rakkas Crew Remix) - Diplo & Lil Jon
Not sure if you'd call this Dubstep, but its the right tempo and would fit into a Dubstep set.

Love You Better (Bass Kleph Remix) - Crazy White Boy
This is AwB.  There's gotta be something techy in every post.  So why not this awesome Tech House jam.

No Soul (Bodybangers Remix) - Andrew Spencer & Daniel Slam
And some Dutch House to finish off.


  1. that evil-ass fucking android from KOTOR II.

  2. Close enough. His name is HK-47, and he's in KOTOR I as well.