31 October 2010

Obscure Video Game Character #6

OK gamers, I've got a super tough one for you this time.  You of course can be lame and click on the picture to find out the name of the game, but what's the fun in that?  First to name the name of both the game and character will receive a whopping +1,000 Bastille Love and Admiration points.  Who's up for it?


Blitz (Original Mix) - Digitalism (Golden Banana)
Yes new Digitalism.  Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes.

Tell Me (John Dahlback Quiet Remix) - Tony Gomez (Silver Banana)
Some Electro House from one of the best.  It's got a riddim beat too.

Overture: The Last Robobot - Pance Party & Valerna
GREAT track, really impressive production and ideas.  Electro.

Grind - Will Bailey
This is his attempt to make Brap.

Dominion (Original Mix) - ThreeSixty

Lnneberga (Original Mix) - Albin Myers feat. Dabruck & Klein
Big Room Electro House from some big ass names.

Hardtack - Pance Party & Valerna
Heavy Square synths on this Elector banger.

Sparc (Original Mix) - ThreeSixty, Jay Ferro
More Techno too finish off.

Also, I'd like to give a big thanks to DAFTWHO? for posting our Dusk Winterman EP (check out the post HERE).  I guess the EP was a little too heavy for the other blogs, but he along with his readers plan on going deaf before 40 and proudly.  We salute you.

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