08 October 2010


Listen from 1:00....

Done? Yeah I know you just shat yourself listening to that Build up + Drop.

Ok some people really need to stop glorifying themselves. Apparently every DJ/Producer has influenced the music industry in someway or another, apparently every Producer/Dj has had a smash hit, has had a record label has played at the biggest clubs and so on. Whether it’s true or not has no relevance whatsoever, what does matter is this... IT’S ALWAYS THE SAME FUCKIN STORY! If it isn’t the 4 paragraph bio it’s the 10 page long dissertation saying the exact same shit than the guy whose bio is a paragraph!

So you ask “Ok Simple P we get the point but it’s still an achievement, i bet you haven’t achieved half of what these people have” and you’re probably right, I could then tell you that rereading something over and over is tedious! What ever happened to good writers! Anyway What does all this ranting have to do with my post? Jack. It’s a bonding thing. So let’s bond, a touch... not too much, just a touch.

Dr. Kucho! Has been spinning tracks since 1993, he’s proclaimed by DJ Magazine as THE undisputed king of Latin House Music, which couldn’t be any further from the truth! Dropping some spicy latin bangers such as New School Tribal and some daring remixes like SEX ON THE STREETS by PIZZAMAN. Alas enough, talking, walking words and let the music do the talking.

The Big Bang Theory - Dr.Kucho!
Golden Banana, Tech House

Mogambos 2010 (Dj Kone & Marc Palacios Remix) - Dr.Kucho! Banana

Noche En Venecia (Dr. Kucho! & Juan Serrano Remix) - Jason Rivas Golden Banana better than the original mix!

New School Tribal (Original Mix) - Dr.Kucho!
Another Golden Banana. From Ibiza to Madrid.

Latin Love (Dr.Kucho! Remix) - Jason Rivas
Silver Banana. Chill out House

I Lose Control (Original Mix) - Dr.Kucho! & Monica Moss

ParaMisCompadres (zip)

Simple P


  1. Just a little note:

    Saying that his, "proclaimed" status, "couldn't be any further from the truth" leads the reader to believe you think he is terrible and his status is wrong.

  2. very true anonymous, watch out P