30 September 2010

Obscure Character

+500 Bastille Love and Admiration points for whoever can name the above obscure video game character.  It's a tough one, but I know you're up for it.  Let's do some House music, shall we?


Samba De Vega (Original Mix) - Avicii vs Philgood (Golden Banana)
Super Housey sound from some of the best.  Dancey as hell too.

Back & Forth feat. Mr. V (Fedde's Future Funk Remix) - Mr. V, Fedde Le Grand
You might remember Green Velvet opening his set at HARD Summer LA with this track.  Crazy bass sound, and just funky ass track.  Tech House.

Back & Forth (Mr. Alex Remix) - Fedde Le Grand
If you're looking for something more Techy, this will do it for you.

KNAS (Original Mix) - Steve Angello
Hell yes.  I can see a whole rave crowd just going nuts at this drop.  Electro House, I guess?

Yo DJ (Original Mix) - Asino, DJ Jean
Dutch House, it's not dead yet.

House Hit (Tonic Remix) - Andt
More Dutchy sounds.  Catchy though, I like this one a lot, it's got more going on than most other Dutch tracks.

Touch It (Chris Lawyer Bootleg) - Busta Rhymes
Not the most creative Dutchy track, but it's clubby.  I wouldn't play it, but I'm sure there are plenty out there that would love to.


  1. hmm that's the fishy that helps you light the way through DKC 2 right?

  2. I'll give you +250 for that. Good job, though.

  3. Well, I googlesearched so I deserve no points, but his (well, maybe her) name is Glimmer..