14 July 2010

rubber rubber rubber rubber rubber

What can I say Oizo kills it every single time. The new Rubber EP with Gaspard from Justice and a remix by none other then flying lotus is really superb. Though in my opinion, of course, Rubber is the best song on the EP; who can beat oizo? The Justice sounding song, tricycle Express is better then some of the more recent Justice but still not up to par with their old shit.

I have two tasks for the readers: Either find this movie (it comes out tomorrow) or find the song at the very end (the video has it play for longer than the tracks underneath). I would rather have the song though. We've looked everywhere and just can't figure out what this song is. A billion Bastille love and admiration points to the ace who does it.

Unfortunately these seem to be rips from the movie. But I don't care I wanted them.


Rubber (Original Mix) by Mr. Oizo and Gaspard Augé, Harder hitting then a lot of other Oizo. Keepin his style fresh and clean.

tricycle express (original mix) by Mr. Oizo and Gaspard Augé, I like This.

Polocaust (Original Mix) by Mr. Oizo and Gaspard Augé, least favorite on the EP.

Rubber (Flying Lotus 'unprotected sex' Remix) by Mr. Oizo and Gaspard Augé

Rubber EP

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