02 May 2010

Sunday Night is the BEST Time to Party

Yo It's sunday, best day of the week to partyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Because that's when you know like nobody's gonna be out so you can have what I like to call "Crazy quiet lone drinkin and drivin party". Try it out it has the right mix of depression, anxiety, and amazing happiness mixed into a bowl of soup forever worth gazin upon into for some passion Pitted frame of reference.

Kalle (Arno Cost and Norman Doray Remix)  by Zoo Brazil (Golden Banana), I don't think this is a new track by any means but we've never posted it before and I've really come to like it. Prog goodness

Now & Forever (Norman Doray Crazzo Remix) by Henrik B, Another Norman Doray good one. I really like the vocals in this.

I'll Be There by Afrojack and Gregor Salto, It's got some Pon De Floor (directly) its got some Now you see it (directly), its Afrojack doing what he does best, Dutchy Dutch.


EDIT Bonus Question:

Who can name what song basically takes everything from this smashing pumpkins song?


I liked this for a bit, but now I've come to think it's terrible. Opinions?

U want Me (Apster Remix) by IIker Akay


  1. I think the Apster track has a cool groove, but it's nothing really special. Wouldn't play it live.

  2. Also not so big on Kalle, kinda boring and definitely not Golden Banana material.

  3. Le Castle Vania's Zero Machine?

  4. J forgot to offer up points, so I'm gonna go ahead and say +10 Bastille Love and Admiration points for Leland. Congratulations! Treat yourself to a big, tasty Banana.