21 May 2010

The Reaction

I bet that's what went through J's mind when his pc crashed.... Anyway I'm here and I want to provide that dirty music we're all soooooo addicted to....

The 'King' of AWB's new marking system: Rambo style means the ultimate tune. So let's get the you're rave tunes on shall we?

Jimmy Hendrix - Purple haze (Benny Benassi Remix) - 12B - 126 by Simple P

Download Ahem excuse me while i Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssss the skyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Erm Rambo style (320)

Dj Antention - Elevator 92 (Original mix) - 1A - 127 by Simple P

Download Speakers full volume, probably a dance hard and party harder anthem. (320)

Raining Blood (SEXISTALK Remix) - 6B - 130 by Simple P

Download another personal favourite 2 mulekinhos from Brasil, Sao Paulo. (320)

Catch The Looks (Dilemn Remix) - 7A - 127 by Simple P

Download My ideal biatch <3 (320)

I'm Simple P

Ps: The Elevator 92 download link has been fixed

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