13 May 2010

Oldskool Thizzime

Treating you today with a batch of Oldskool UK Garage tracks, for those of you that don't know, UK Garage is a genre which developed in the mid-nineties in england, inspired by RnB, Chicago House, and Acid, Garage producers began making a unique sort of house, with a DnB like west indies sound palate at hand, that english love for breaks and wobbles, with a dark techy trance-like vibe, that would be subtle at first but the fast distinctive 2-step shuffle and sweeping wobbling basses began to come to the forefront,
As it moved further away from house, and emphasized garage's unique characteristics it would eventually evolve and divide into its subgenres of Grime, Dubstep, and Bassline, starting in the early the '00s.
As the '10s begin we have seen these forms going back to their roots, embracing the RnB/House vibe, but nonetheless are now informed by the innovative sounds of Dubstep and the like. Some Dubstep producers started trying their hand at a tribal sort of house in the late aughties using a distinctive afro/latin beat, inspiring a massive wave of producers to try their hand at this exciting new mutation of Garage, Funky. The sound is constantly evolving, and producers are constantly motivated to enter new sonic territory, as such we can see a few more subgenres on the horizon, think the J.Orbison/Joker/Guido progressive sound or Zomby&Ikonikas dark 8-bit vibes, oi, idk interesting stuff ahead under the Silly, Funky, & Soulful umbrella of Garage.
Anyways here's a taste of where it all started, beats from the '95-'02 era, thought i'd give you a history since ill be passing a few of these out over time, feel*
Zed Bias - Neighbourhood ([
Noodles - Don't Need Nobody ([
Suburban Lick - You're Mine (Zed Bias Remix) ([

Soul II Soul - Pleasure Dome (Tuff Jam Remix)
N'n'G - Skip Bop
Rachel Wallace - Feel This Way (Dub Monsters Remix)
Groove Chronicles - Shattered
MJ Cole - Flava Fever
Tuff Jam - Key Dub (Version 99)
Livin' Large - Metro Knome
N'n'G - In The Morning
Wookie - Down On Me
Wookie - Scrappy
G.O.D. - Watch Ya Bass Bins

*Big up to Dahousehead.blogspot.com! If your interested he has very large collection of Oldskool Garage & House.*

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