24 May 2010

Mash it up


First of we got the Super Mash Bros taking all the musical hits we like and mashing them up to satisfy our guilty pleasures.

07 Future Dads (Platinum Edition) - 4B - 104 by Simple P

Download Get dat dirt of your Shoulders Golden banana cause no matter how many times hip hop dies... changes... Jay-z is the man

Next is up is a mash up from the boys back at THE WHITE PANDA.
Kiss Anthonio - 2A - 132 by Simple P

Download Epic banana... Seriously... Anthonio (Designer Drugs remix) vs Kiss Kiss by Chris Brown and T-pain...

last up a straight up Hip Hop legendary combo Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre, Nate Dogg mashed up with probably the whitest, comercialised song out there... Miley Cyrus... (no soundcloud preview I'm afraid..)

Download The Next Episode vs Miley Cyrus by Dj Pinto... Fun fact... Pinto is slang for dick in portuguese... If you're 18+ do not use this slang as it will make you look like an idiot.
I'm Simple P

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  1. miley vs. dre mix on soundlcoud