21 April 2010

Swede Disposition

So I'm back in business.  I've got a brand new macbook with my old hard drive inside.  I hope this doesn't slow down the posts from the others, but I have a pretty solid feeling that it will.  Anyways, its good to be back.

The Swedes are really on top of House music.  I haven't really been following blogs recently, but I feel like that's still a safe assumption to make.  None of these tracks are new, but they are all perfect for your rave crowd.  Oh, and Dirty South counts as Swedish, so does Laidback Luke sometimes.  And all of these tracks are big Golden Bananas.


Sweet Disposition (Axwell & Dirty South Remix) - Temper Traps
Probably the best Progressive track to have come out somewhat recently.  Huge bomb.

One Love (Avicii Remix) - David Guetta
The line that comes in right before the drop, so amazing.  Gotta love that Prog.

Let It Go (Axwell Remix) - Dirty South
Classic.  This might be the greatest track of Swedish House, this track right here.

Tivoli (Original Mix) - Steve Angello
Massive track.  Even got an Electro bass.

Silvia (Sebastian Ingrosso & Dirty South Remix) - Miike Snow
Really digging this track at the moment.

Gypsy (Laidback Luke Remix) - Steve Angello
Still one of my favorite rave moment of all time was seeing Laidback Luke drop this one before I listened to House music (we mostly went to see Steve Aoki, I'm sure you can see how we've changed our ways).

Meich (Original Mix) - Dirty South, Sebastian Ingrosso
This track is really cool, great line, cool false drops and whatnot.  Maybe a bit repetitive, but hey isn't it all?

We Are Kidsos (ImanoS Bootleg) - Dirty South Vs. Sebastian Ingrosso 
Best fucking bootleg ever, and super Swedish.


  1. Laidback Luke is killing it. you should also check out what Hot Pink Delorean did with Sariah's "Deep N Luv" track. Killer track

  2. I need your lovin, like the sunshine.

  3. You'll be proud of me; this is the first post of yours that I've actually fully downloaded in zip form. I youtubed the first three songs, started to download them one by one, then just went "fuck it" and got the whole thing. Fucking jams all.