10 April 2010

Normany Doray and Dada Life

 He looks like a baller in this photo.
Gotta Love this shit. Gonna keep it short and sweet for the weekend. Here are these two tracks to keep you entertained.

Yo, be killin it all the time and jus leavin trails of amazinnness behin. Keep it Fresh.


Make my heart (Norman Doray Remix) by Toni Braxton, Fuckin crazy. One of the best songs I've heard in a while, immediately decided this needed to go up. Norman u be seein what this song needed, and you kept it real. That big buildup is just amazing, best part of the song. Golden Banana with an additional A++++  from this chic:

French Jeans (Dada Life Remix) by MVSEVM, Incredible, heard it once and fell in love. You won't be dissapointed with this track. Then again, how often does Dada Life dissapoint. These dudes know whats up, they should be stars like Kanye? I feel as though some peeps may like this one better that the one on top.

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