20 April 2010

Got some tracks I know your gonna like...

^L-Vis 1990, Myself, and Bok Bok^
Hello all, hope your celebrating 420 with full enthusiasm, though it is a tuesday, so mind your works done.
Going to be starting it all off with some deep house flavors, from Hamburg> an amazing track by dj/producer Stimming, and then we have Rocco's incredible remix of South African House outfit Kentphonik's track 'Hiya Kaya'

The rest of these tracks are absolutely bananas, &in proper spirit, &'cause im feeling it, the rest are gng to be all Funky.

And to save yourself a bit of trouble, here's the zip to DL the whole lot (don't worry, it includes the Deep Stuff from up top too)> (((DL)))
"Come Together in Love & Perfect Unity"
- Jumpman

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