18 April 2010

A Few Tracks While We Figure Things Out

So for now we're a bit stuck with what we're going to do with the blog layout. It's gonna change somehow, but for now we're gonna stick with this till we get some ideas. We're considering buying our own website and getting out of the blogger limitations. But then we would need somebody to help us build the layout and stuff. But be patient we'll try and have something up to par soon.

Until then, it should be said that M's computer is officially dead. So I don't think we should be expecting any posts from him for a while. I'm gonna try and pick up the slack and hopefully P will be back soon. It would be REALLY nice if Jumpman did a post: I think it's relevant to link this post again.

For now I've got some bomb ass tracks for everybody. Cause you gotta remember, it's all about the music in the end. We still keepin it real and playin this shit live keeps it fresh in our minds in terms of crowd appeal.

Stay fly everybody, we're gonna keep bringin it.


Don't Say A Word... (feat. Anousheh Khalili) by Sharam (Golden Banana), This is obviously an old track from his album Get Wild and has been one of M's favorites for some time now, but I guess just never got around to posting it. So I'm picking up for him and gettin this out there. This is definitely the definition of a vocal track. Real simple, but real nice with that techy feel to it. If you havn't heard this yet, GET ON IT. His set at Love Fest when we saw him was fuckin baller. GO GO GO

Won't Go Quietly (TV rock Remix) by Example, TV Rock does it again, always bringin it plain and simple. The vocals from this track have been stuck in my head for a few days now, that's how oyu know its good. It's beauty lies in it's simplicity.

303 (Acid Mix) by Spencer and Hill, Really interesting for Spencer and Hill. I've never heard this sound from them as far as I can remember. It's a catchy line I guess but I just don't understand where this came from. But if you're a fan of Spencer and Hill you should definitely get on this. Still got their magic in it

Drop the Gun (Gregori Klosman & Danny Wild Remix) by D.O.N.S., some electro for those people who feel that shit in their blood. Just gotta move your head to this one.

1 comment:

  1. OOOOH AWB you are my heroes!!! I bow down before you
    I had the Won't Go Quietly remix in my audio library for a while and I really really wanted to put it in my next mixtape, but the quality just hurt my ears (no seriously, the crash cymbals in the melodic part were simply of agonizing quality), but you uploaded a high quality one!!

    Thank you so much :)!
    New mixtape will be ready in a week or so ^^ including this banger.