29 March 2010


So obviously this is an old track but I recently discovered it. As I've shown on this blog before, I don't like Mr. Rivera's stuff. But this song has a much more Benassi feel to it (the sound he uses is very well made) and a catchy proggy line.  

However, I still don't think its a great song because of how poorly it drops. The laurent wolf remix is better. And the vocals, especially the lyrics, are horrible. I meant with a name like Keylime how couldn't they be amazing?

Still, I can't stop listening to it for some reason. This song needs a GREAT remix and it would be up there for me. Still I applaud Robbie for at least having one song I relatively respect.


Girlfriend (Original Mix) by Robbie Rivera and Keylime

Girlfriend (Laurent Wolf Remix) by Robbie Rivera and Keylime

This one's ok:

It makes complete sense that this is in Tiesto's club life. Feels Tiestoey

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