09 March 2010


Time for another Bastille Bootleg for your DJ sets, this one's got a remix of everyone's favorite pop song of 2009 mixed with a cool synth poppy electro track, possibly making pop music even poppier.  It's like pulling up to the mountain top with your best girl to enjoy the 1980's Miami skyline.  Enjoy:

Crysteena's Got A Feeling (Bastille Bootleg) - Fear Of Tigers vs. David Guetta


  1. nice bootleg :)
    I thought I'd be completely sick of any IGAF mashups/bootlegs/whatever, but nice job..

    I'm wondering though - what software do you use? I'm a beginning (bedroom/amateur) DJ, I made 1 mix so far (if you want to i'll link you to my blog where it's posted), but I want to start making mashups, as a step towards serious remixing.. Any tips?:D

    Thanks in advance,
    Remco AKA Roc Em!

  2. Yeah, I'd love to hear the mix. I made it in Virtual DJ, which is what I use to play live and record my mixes. It's definitely not the best mashup software, something like Ableton or Logic would give you much more freedom. It's just what I'm used to, so it's what I use. However, I produce in Reason, and that's where we make all of our stuff for the most part, rewiring into Logic for mastering at the end. Reason can't do mashups really though.

  3. Really?! I use Virtual DJ myself aswell, and I have an idea (and execution) for a fairly simple mashup/bootleg right here, I'm just not making it yet because I don't have any hardware xD. It's all keyboardshortcuts and mouse for me so far xD. I've got my eyes on a midi controller (Numark Total Control), but since I would also need a 2nd sound-card to preview on my headphones, my bank-account isn't very generous at the moment xD. Here is my mix by the way, it's my very first so be gentle xD.


  4. we make almost all our mixes with just keyboard shortcuts and the mouse, it's just what we're used to.


  5. ... oh. Well, I could also try that.

    Would also save me 200 euros in the process x)