02 February 2010

Serious Golden Banana-age

I really do got two tracks for you that are both delicious, shiny ass Golden Bananas, like the two above. I know, Danl, THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE GOLDEN BANANA. Perhaps these two tracks will come to discover that they are in fact the descendants of an immortal race and meet at "The Gathering" in the 80's in New York and attempt to cut off the head of the other with their awesome antique swords in order to win "The Prize," but only time shall tell. Feel free to comment on which track you think deserves it.


Glow (Original Mix) - Cirez D (Golden Banana)
Wow. Serious Techno track. This will be a rave anthem for sure.

On Off (Sebastien Leger Remix) - Cirez D (Golden Banana)
Yup, I found it. And now I give it to you.

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