19 February 2010

Kolt13 and 2 Zig Zags

Kolt13, hailing from Gaul, just sort of burst onto the scene fairly recently, and has come out with killer production after killer production.  I'm incredibly impressed with the quality and speed that he cranks these suckers out with.  He makes Electro with a sort of 80s feel but not in the dreamy way, these are definitely dance tracks.  He's got a ton of blog support, we'll see if that's enough to break him through.


Hey You (Kolt13 Remix) - Pony Pony Run Run (Golden Banana)
The first drop is so killer, awesome sidehcained arpeggiated gold.

God Knows (Kolt13's Pornostream Remix) - Tigersapien
Cool Electro Breaks track.

Fancy Footwork (KOLT13 Murdaphunk Remix) - Chromeo
I really dig the lead synth and the way he does the drums in this one.

Kolt13 Collection
By Track // Zipped

M's comp update:
So I've got a good amount of water damage, gonna cost $775 to repair.  Thank god for insurance.  And hey, this could mean one of those fancy new macbooks.


  1. Really proud of my golden banana..thanks for your interesting analyze of my tunes, big up!

  2. that dude algeronics did a pretty good job on that pony run song too

  3. this kolt13 stuff is awesome

    requests: a miles dyson post?? we all know live in mexico is the shit

  4. yayayayayaya. Michael sucks