08 January 2010

Minimal Batch #5

La Minimal Techno! Yah?


1UP (Original Mix) - Jordy Lishious
(Golden Banana)
You know the name of this blog. This Tech track samples video game sounds. Win.

Head Trick (Rework) - Santiago & Bushido
Definitely an Electro House track, but would fit in really well in a minimal set.

Paging Doctor Faggot (Y3S PLZ Edit) - Butch + Popof
Great sample, anyone got the original?

Latin Beat (Original Mix) - Chris Vinterra
HUGE bass on this Tech House track. Would go over really well at a rave.

The More I Do (Thomas Fehlmann Mix) - The Field
A reminder that not all Techno is minimal and ravey, this one is beautiful.

Italian Fireflies (Eskimo Twins Remix) - Black Strobe
Really cool Techno track.

Temptation (Tone 15 Remix) - DJ Fronter
Typical minimal Techno track.

Disco Monster (Seymour Bits' Subsonic Monster) - Le Le
Really weird but awesome Techno track. Maybe not minimal, but definitely Techno.

Work It Out (Joeysuki Remix) - Tim Benjamin & Mell Tierra
The bassline leaves a little to be desired, but a cool Tech House track nonetheless.


  1. Y3S PLZ of TechnocolorKids poppin up on Ape!! WHAT WHAT!!

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