29 December 2009

Minimal Batch #4


Backroom Honey (Original Mix) - Saeed Younan
By far one of the simplest, catchiest, and raviest samples ever. This has Rave written all over it.

Evil Live (Original Mix) - Piatto
Techno at it's best.

Kitch In (Original Mix) - Tim Green
This track got a ton of attention from big names, I don't really understand why from my headphones, I'm guessing it comes more alive on giant speakers.

Taipei Pocok Salata (Dub Mix) - Soliquid

Metalworld (Son Of A Beat Remix) - Forza
So what, J already posted this before. That first drop is still absolutely killer.

Peanuts Club (Momma's Boy Remix) - Noob & Brodinski
Big kick on this Tech House track. Everyone should know/have the original.

2 Many Shots of Jaegermeister (Ahmet Sendil Remix) - Tocadisco
Bouncy Tech House track.

Death By House - Len Faki
Wouldn't be surprised to hear this being played by Dubfire on Thursday at Together As One. HELL YES!

Avicii Did A Bad Bad Thing (Original Mix) - Tim Berg
Not sure who Tim Berg is, guess he's friends with our favorite Avicii, but this track is pretty cool.

Oslo - Carl Johan Elger
Finish it up with a pretty Techno track.

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