21 November 2009

Do You Smell Bacon?

Plenty of New Yorkers will tell you that the NYPD are corrupt as hell. I personally had a pretty bad experience with them once when I was DJing a party on a rooftop which they came and shut down. They said that people were throwing bottles of the rooftop, but the party wasn't serving any beer. The cop also threatened to take away all of my equipment. In honor of this lovely experience, I bring you an amazing track called NYPD with some really top notch remixes. I know I'm a little bit late on these, but I just got to them in my downloads folder, and they're fantastic.

Big shout out to The Temple Of House


NYPD (Original Mix) - DJ Delicious & Till West
What makes this song so great is the sampling. Really classic House sound to it too, which I really like.

NYPD (Micha Moor Remix) - DJ Delicious & Till West
(Golden Banana)
HUGE bass drop. Definitely my favorite mix.

NYPD (Funkerman Remix) - DJ Delicious & Till West
Just sort of beefed up the original, and added a bit more of a Prog feel.

NYPD (Alisson & Turner Remix) - DJ Delicious & Till West
I like the drums in this one a lot, but I probably would rather play one of the other mixes live. They also added this high sound, which I think they're sort of relying on too much as the hook.

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