31 October 2009

French House Arrest X: Bob Sinclar - Paradise

In the height of the french house boom, around 1998, Bob Sinclar (Cristophe Le Friant), also known under his Breakbeat pseudonym the Mighty Bop, released his breakthrough album 'Paradise' which included the infamous Thomas Bangalter co-produced track 'Gym Tonic'. This is his most classic sounding album, coming before his careening into pop-stardom, reminiscent of early Daft Punk, Cassius, and I:Cube, good stuff, funky, disco-ey, jazzy, and cool as a cucumber. A must have for any French House fan. Enjoy>>>


Bob Sinclar - Paradise

Happy Halloween!

*For new readers, this is a continuation of a little series we've been running on French House, which you can check out HERE

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  1. nice post, its always great to learn new things :)