09 October 2009

Dusty Kid

The Dusty Kid rules. This kid (he can't be more than 21) from Italy has already risen as one of the top Techno producers right now. Since Minimal is 'so in' right now, then all y'all shall love these jams. He's in the same vain as a Popof or Noob.


Lynchesque (Original Mix) - Dusty Kid

CRAZY fucking bomb. Really easy to mix as well, perfect tool for any Minimal/Tech DJ.

I Want Your Soul (Dusty Kid Sensational Gia Dub Mix) - Armand Van Helden
Really really awesome. Just flawlessly produced. And the Dub mix is much better than the original, in which he's got an a capella from the original Armand that just doesn't need to be there.

Disco Lies (The Dusty Kid's Fears Remix) - Moby

At 3:32, the coolest line comes in. This would drive every person in your rave crowd NUTS.

The Cat - Dusty Kid
His most famous track, really Electro. Everytime, Everyday, Anyway, Acid.

The Riot - Dusty Kid
First person to figure out which giant Electro act samples this song (to much greater effect in my opinion) and write it in the comments will receive +10 Bastille Love and Admiration Points. Those will really get you far in life, so do your best. And the answer will shock you all, I guarantee it.

Dusty Kid Collection
By Track // Zipped

ALSO, just discovered a gem. Check out Funkagenda's blog. The latest entry is hilarious. You can see it HERE.


  1. pretty sure 'Justice - Stress (Auto Remix)' samples that dusty kid song
    'the riot'

  2. And that's +10 Bastille Love and Admiration Points for Jumpman. You might get another 10 if you post.