12 October 2009

batch #2, some more shit

Here's the second batch I promised yesterday. There should be a third as well, and after finding more of Koen Groeneveld's stuff, I've decided he's definitely worth a post to himself, so that should be in the near future as well. Here are some goodies:


All in 320:

Rain (Benny Benassi Club Remix) by Mika, Benassi hasn't made anything bad in such a long time, it must of course make sense that this as well is good.

Redux (Original Mix) by Format:B, I love this song so much, it's going to get me to go get more Format:B

Bad Seed (D-Nox and Beckers Remix) by Erphun feat. Carl Gold, I love minimal. Don't you know you're a bad seed. There are these little sounds in the background around 2:30 which are just so cool.

La Mezcla (Original Mix) by Michael Woods & Ant Brooks, has that popof sound going off every once in a while. Gotta love that flute. So trippy. So minimal.

Tropical Chicks (Original Mix) by Alex Kenji, just wait for the buildup. Makes no sense, but kind cool at the same time.

Boys & Girls (Extended Mix) by Martin Solveig feat. Dragonette, the most electro-pop thing I've posted in a while, but I REALLY love this song. SO catchy, even though it's so cheesy. Definitely my favorite, puts all the remixes to shame. I could be your boy you could be my girl.

Though I really do like this one, at least better then Laidback's:

Boys & Girls (Bart B More Dans Tes Rave Remix) by Martin Solveig feat. Dragonette, definitely worth copping.

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