09 September 2009

Bro Out To Gui Boratto

Happy 09/09/09 everyone

Gui Boratto is a Spanish Techno man that makes some of the most beautiful electronic music right now. He played at Coachella this year, I wish I could have been there, I heard it was incredible from a friend of mine that didn't even listen to electronic music (now he does). He's got a TON of material, but I'm only going to put up his remixes in this post. You should definitely go get his albums though, as they're incredible.


Mancry (Gui Boratto Remix) - Adam Freeland

His newest track, inspired me to do this post.

Pale Horses (Gui Boratto's Last Window Remix) - Moby
So cool, so haunting. This track is just amazing.

Gui Boratto Remix Collection (All In One Zip)

Gui Boratto Remix Collection (By Track)

P.S. I'm so happy to have school upload speeds again, I can post in 10 mins rather than an hour. So nice.


  1. Gui Boratto is Brazilian. He's not Spanish.