11 September 2009

Dubstep Batch

Ok, so I'm going to do some Batch posts. This is a Dubstep Batch. Dubstep rules, but only if you've heard it live. The bass literally shakes the room, and EVERYONE gets down to it. This is a collection of random Dubstep tracks from people I'm not familiar with, but will definitely destroy your crowd. I'll be posting a new batch every day for the next few days, each of a different genre.


Broken String - Tek-One

FUCKING SHIT THIS BASS IS INCREDIBLE. I was trying to sing it to myself while walking to class, but couldn't since its just like mechanical noises and shit.

Jig - Tom Encore
I heard The Motherfucking Gaslamp Killer play this live. It kills, nuff said.

Calypso (Original Mix) - Excision, Datsik
Mmm, Dubstep... I love this shit.

If Ya Can't Beat Em - Reso
This shit is so nuts, it just drives me crazy. Everyone is high when listening to this, doesn't matter if you literally are or not.

Dem Na Like Me (Subscape Dub) - The Qemists

Roll Another One - Chrissy Murderbot (ft. Hawatha Hurd)
This one has a rap, and is thus immediately more accesible. Also has some Zomby-esque sounds, if you're into that style of Dubstep.

Hide and Seek (Enigma Remix) - Imogen Heap

Just an excuse to play this amazing song. Everyone loves the original, so they'd love to dance to it.

I'm drunk as fuck

Cheers to Just Gravy, No Potatoes for a few of these tracks.


  1. Haha M, viva vino y queso!

  2. viva los WestCo? Not sure if I said that correctly.

  3. Keep up the drunk posts, Jig is Kiillllla

  4. Digged everyone one of these posts, maja hits!
    P.s drunk too


    that song destroys bowels